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Special thanks to Ted Jackson of the California Foundation For Independent Living Centers who provided input on the voting video series and created the hashtag campaign #VoteDisability.  

In the spirit of collaboration this landing page is available to any individual or organization that would like to share links to accurate and nonpartisan information for use by voters and/or potential voters with disabilities.

If you have one or more links you would like added to those below, please send an email to info@rootedinrights.org. We would also appreciate you sharing a link to this page wherever you are active in social networking.

¿Hablas español?: Visita la pagina del Consulado Nacional de La Raza – VotaLa pagina de, U.S. Election Assistance Commission: Glossary of Key Election Terminology, National Federation of the Blind y la pagina de The Help America Vote Act.

Formerly Incarcerated?: Learn more about the voting laws in your state.


Resources for Voters with AssistantsNational Disability Rights Network’s Protection and Advocacy for Voting Access websiteNonprofitVOTE’s “Voting with a Disability” resource page.


Resources for Deaf Voters: National Association of the Deaf’s Making Polls Accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Voters websiteSelf Advocates Becoming Empowered’s National Technical Assistance for Voting and Cognitive Access’s websiteCollaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC) – Learn more about the “Captions Capture the Votes” project and volunteering opportunities on their website.


Resources for Voters with Disabilities

Find out more information about voting rights or accommodations that are available for voters with disabilities by visiting the National Disability Rights Network’s Election Day Resources for Voters with Disabilities. Or take a look at the following state-specific resources:

Additional resources:

Step 1: Register to Vote

Step 2: Research

Step 3: VOTE!

How do I register to vote?

Where can I get informed about the issues?

Where do I fill out my ballot?

There are different ways to vote depending on where you live. Visit your state/territory election website to find out which methods are available in your state or territory. Below are examples of different voting methods:

The Advocacy Center of Louisiana, Disability Rights New York, Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, and Disability Rights Washington, which operates this Rooted in Rights website, are all part of the federally funded protection and advocacy system and members of the National Disability Rights Network.


7 thoughts on “Disability Vote

  1. M. G. Stroh says:

    That’s great. If there are any links to any nonpartisan, accurate voting information you would like us to share send it out way to the email address above.

  2. REACH of Plano in Texas is helping to organize the power of the disability vote as well. It’s exciting to see people organize and understand they can directly influence the quality of life in the community.

  3. Christy says:

    This website shows a lot of information about the Arizona elections.


  4. M. G. Stroh says:

    Daphne –

    Learn more by checking out one or more of the links found above.

  5. Daphne Jesso says:

    Yes I am interesting to learn about vote disability right in my home state.. I live in Fremont, CA

  6. Jon Steven butt says:

    I want to vote!

  7. Bob Kafka says:

    In Texas we started the Disability Voting Action Project which is now transitioning into the Texas Disability Project. As part of last year’s Governors race we did the REV UP Campaign
    R egister
    E ducate
    V ote

    U se. (your)
    P ower

    We defined the DISABILITY VOTE as not only people with disabilities but family, friends, educators, professionals, providers etc. The concept of the pebble in the pond with us being the center and the ripples having similar self interests on issues. Onward to 2016

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