Young woman with cerebral palsy launches Youtube project to address lack of media representation of people with disabilities

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A young woman with cerebral palsy has taken to Youtube to campaign for change. Specifically, Dayna wants to address representation of people with disabilities in the media. Her video is called “Project Media Equality”, and she speaks of issues almost everyone who’s been involved in disability rights is familiar with: the lack of characters with disabilities on TV, the lack of actors with disabilities portraying the few people with disabilities that are represented in television, and the labeling of these characters only by their disability. As Dayna explains, “I am not cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy is a part of who I am.” She also addresses the problem of media stereotyping of people with disabilities and the lack of runway models with disabilities.

This video may begin with a commercial which was not chosen by or for the benefit of DisAbility Rights Galaxy.