Formerly Incarcerated Vote

When you get out, get your vote back.

Around a third of prisoners have a disability, but when they leave prison, they may not automatically get their vote back. That means a ton of people re-enter society every year, but don’t have a say in the issues that affect them. Find out what your state’s rules are, register, and vote!

Resources for Formerly Incarcerated Voters

Find out your state’s rules for voting rights restoration.


This video was made possible by funding support from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living ACL (Award #1603WAVOTP). These contents are solely the responsibility of Disability Rights Washington, the parent organization of Rooted in Rights, and do not necessarily represent the official views of ACL.

How do I register to vote?

  • Go to U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s website to find out voter registration deadlines by date.
  • Fill out this online voter registration from the National Voter Registration Day website.
    • Louisiana voters: To register to vote, check your registration, view your ballot, or find your polling place, visit GeauxVote.
    • New York voters: For information on how to register, where to vote, how to use the machines, etc. here is the site for the New York State Board of Elections.
    • Pennsylvania voters: Visit the VotesPA site to learn how to register.
    • Washington State voters: Use the online voter registration on MyVote.
  • Voter registration can vary by county, state or territory. Visit Nonprofit VOTE to get updated voting information.