Willing to Work

It’s a jungle out there for job-seekers with disabilities!  Wilbert Johnson tells us how he was able to get his dream job and provides tips for fellow job-seekers.

In observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October, we encourage schools, workplaces, and communities to consider how they can further career development opportunities for people with disabilities.

Resources & More Information

Resources for Job-Seekers

Not Sure Where to Start?

U.S. Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
These agencies assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, maintain, or regain employment.

Ticket to Work
This service provides free job support to people that are 18 through 64 years old and receive SSI or SSDI.

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
This recruitment and referral program connects employers with college students and recent graduates with disabilities for summer or permanent jobs.

Informational Interviewing
Learn information regarding an industry, a career path, or an employer by interviewing a professional in the field.

Finding a Job That’s Right for You
Resources on searching for jobs, writing a resume and cover letter, interviewing, and more.Disability

Mentoring Day Events
A regularly updated list of events across the U.S.

“Finding Suitable Employment with a Disability” by Alaina Leary

Applying for a Job

Gain Interview Confidence!

Reasonable Accommodation for the Application Process
Information about speaking about your accommodation needs with a potential employer.

Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR)
Searchable database of accommodation ideas for specific disabilities.

Resources for Employers

Recruiting, Hiring, & Retaining Employees with Disabilities 

Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN)
Become a leader in the employment and advancement of people with disabilities.

JAN Workplace Accommodation Information
Resources for private businesses, federal employers, state and local government employers, and more.

Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)
A multi-faceted initiative to foster collaboration and action around accessible technology in the workplace.

Building an Inclusive Workforce
A four-step reference guide to recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees with disabilities.

Other Resources

Wilbert, along with other disabled people, share their stories about employment.

Beyond NDEAM
Ideas for promoting inclusivity throughout the year.

USBLN Workplace Disability Inclusion Assessment Tool (page 3)
A checklist to evaluate inclusion in marketing, recruitment, supplying, and more.

Inclusive Internship Programs
Guidelines for establishing, implementing, and evaluating internship programs.

U.S. federal and state government financial incentives

Resources for Colleges and Universities Career Centers

Miscellaneous Resources

Rooted in Rights Content on Employment & Disability

“Bottom Dollars” Original Documentary
Nearly 250,000 people were legally paid less than the minimum wage in 2016, on average, less than $2 an hour. “Bottom Dollars” exposes the exploitation of people with disabilities through personal stories and expert interviews. It also presents clear employment alternatives with competitive wages and community inclusion.

“People with disabilities have a glass ceiling, too” with Shawn Murinko

“A Little job advice from Bill & Jen” with Cuquis Robledo (Storyteller)

“Accessing Employment in Japan” with Mizuki Hsu (Storyteller)

Rooted in Rights blog posts on employment