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A Preflight Announcement with Noah Seidel

Like many of us gearing up for the holiday season, Storyteller Noah Seidel has been traveling a lot recently. Noah uses a wheelchair, and unfortunately, some airlines don’t know how to transport mobility devices. Noah, and others that have had mobility devices damaged or broken by airlines, want you to share your bad travel experiences using the #RightToFly and #DisabledAndFlying.

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Why Did Marc Moreno Die?

Marc Moreno was 18 years old when he died in the Benton County Jail in Washington State. Why didn’t Marc received proper treatment for his mental illness while in jail? How did the system fail him even before he was arrested?  Why did Marc Moreno die?

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Keep Building Jackson

Dr. Scott Crawford of Jackson, Mississippi, is on a mission to fix the #CrappyCurb ramps in his city.

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Out on a Limb: Insurance Providers and Access to Prosthetics with Emily Harvey

Two million people in the U.S. have limb loss, and every year approximately 185,000 people have a limb amputated. Storyteller Emily Harvey is a disability rights attorney, triathlete, an amputee and is married to a prosthetist. Emily knows from experience how many people struggle to get appropriate prosthetic limbs due to cost and inadequate insurance coverage. Access to health care including prosthetic limbs is a human right.

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Bottom Dollars | A Rooted in Rights Original Documentary

Workers with disabilities are NOT always protected by minimum wage laws, and so sometimes they are paid as little as pennies per hour – and this can be perfectly legal! 

Rooted in Rights’ new original documentary, Bottom Dollars, tells the stories of people with disabilities all over the country who are fighting back against exploitation and discrimination. And it tells the stories of those who are working in the community for real wages because they received the proper services and supports. Their stories prove we can do better.

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On Tuesday, September 27, National Voter Registration Day, at 5pm EST, #CripTheVote hosted a Twitter chat on Storytelling and Voting with Rooted in Rights as a Guest Host. Rooted in Rights and the organizers of #CripTheVote created a series of short videos featuring the disability community.
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The Sagamihara 19 had lives worth living with Mizuki Hsu

The recent massacre in Sagamihara, Japan was carried out by someone who believes that people with disabilities had “brought pain and torture to their family and society.” As a Japanese citizen living with a disability, Rooted in Rights Storyteller Mizuki Hsu was deeply affected. She’s had strangers come up to her and say “your life must be hard” and “how pitiful.” These types of attitudes can lead people to put little value on the lives of people with disabilities. Mizuki wants everyone to know that living with a disability does not mean living in misery. The nineteen people killed in Sagamihara had lives worth living.

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Make this election count with Emily Ladau

Director’s statement

While disability has been gaining attention throughout the course of this election cycle, I believe more can be done to focus on key issues that affect the disability community. As such, my goal in creating this video was to hold creators of all political ads and all who are involved in campaigns accountable to include disability rights in a meaningful way in their messaging. We need to be talking about substantial topics that affect all people with disabilities, especially people whose disability identity intersects with other minority identities – issues including employment, affordable and accessible housing, Social Security, mental health care, the incarceration of people with disabilities, subminimum wage… as you can tell, there are so many crucial issues! There is so much at stake for people with disabilities this election, and so while this video is meant to hold people accountable, it is also intended to propel conversations and encourage both candidates and voters with and without disabilities to recognize the importance of disability issues. It’s time to ask the questions and have the conversations about disability that really matter.

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Cody & Glen | AVID Prison Project

While in prison, Glen Huggins was rapidly losing weight, his stomach distended, and he became weak and frail. His deteriorating condition was treated with antacids. Cody still wonders why his father couldn’t see a doctor until the very end of his life to diagnose him with stage four esophageal cancer. This video was created in partnership with Arizona Center for Disability Law and Disability Rights Washington‘s Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities (AVID) Prison Project.   Arizona Center for Disability Law and Disability Rights Washington, the publisher of Rooted in Rights, are the protection and advocacy agencies for Arizona and Washington, respectively, and are members of the National Disability Rights Network .
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Institutionalized as a Teen with Jensen Caraballo

Jensen Caraballo shares his story of being institutionalized in a nursing home as a teen. Jensen spent over five years living in an institution, and he wasn’t the only one. According to research, more than 200,000 non-elderly people with disabilities in the U.S. reside in nursing homes. Join the fight for freedom of people with disabilities, and support the Independent Living Movement.

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