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As U.S. Senators prepare to vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the replacement to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), people with pre-existing conditions across the country are calling on them to listen: Healthcare is a human right. No human should be denied access to the medical supports, services, or resources they need because of a pre-existing condition. #IAmAPreexistingCondition #WeArePreexistingConditions

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The Fight to #SaveMedicaid

The battle over Medicaid unleashed an outcry within the disabled community to protect the healthcare program so many of us need to survive and live independently in our communities.  Disabled people used the power of social media, protests, writing, and contacting their federal officials to demand that Medicaid not be weakened by unjust budget cuts.

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Disability Rights Oregon – Accessible Voting Tablets

In Oregon, the use of mail-in ballots prove to be inaccessible for disabled residents and impedes their ability to vote without barriers.  Oregon allows the use of accessible tablets as a means to create the freedom residents needed to vote freely and confidently.  Making available various accessible voting methods affords disabled people to feel included in the voting process and have their vote count.

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The Protection & Advocacy (P&A) System

Did you know there is a federally funded network of advocacy agencies dedicated to disability rights issues?  Rooted in Rights explains.

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The federal government’s AbilityOne program is supposed to create job opportunities for people with disabilities. Instead, it has funded segregated workplace and low wages, and been accused of corruption. Check out the #ReformAbilityOne campaign to learn about the issues and here responses from the disability rights community.
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Ever notice that online videos about people with disabilities don’t often feature people with disabilities? So did we. So we decided to re-edit some videos we found and include only the portions of the video where a person with a disability communicates on camera.
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AUCD – Growing Leaders, Driving Change

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) asked Rooted in Rights to explain their history, their mission and the vast diversity of students, faculty and others who make up their network – all in a three minute video.

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Tom Olin: Activist Photographer of the Disability Rights Movement

Many of the most significant moments in disability rights history were captured by one man, his camera and some black-and-white film. Rooted in Rights caught up with photographer, documentarian and activist Tom Olin during national launch of REVUP in Houston. He shares his thoughts on the power of photography to inspire new activists.

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Towards an Inclusive Tunisia with Arbi Chouikh

How can a democratic government become more accessible and accountable to citizens with disabilities? Great examples can be found in Tunisia where disability rights advocates have made strong progress since the revolution of 2011.

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On The Outs: Reentry for Inmates with Disabilities | AVID Prison Project

On The Outs follows three inmates with various disabilities, including vision impairment, brain injury, and mental illness, through all stages of the reentry process. The documentary depicts each person’s experience at three points: in prison prior to release, on their release date, and life on the “outs” after release.

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