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Error 404: Accessibility Not Found

Almost everyone knows how frustrating it is when a website won’t load, or when your internet connection suddenly cuts out.  Now imagine that frustration when you know what you’re trying to see is right in front of you – but you just can’t get to it.

That’s just scratching the surface of the importance of internet accessibility.

I’m Maddie Bright, a high school senior here to share about how something so vital to everyday life isn’t required to be accessible.  Yeah, learning that shocked me too.  Thankfully, I’ve got a lot to tell you about how you can make your website accessible.

So join me in learning about our wonderful World Wide Web!  Then, feel free to share this video to help get the word out about the need for an accessible internet for all.

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Congress is about to vote on HR 620 – a bill designed to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 1 out of 5 people in the US has a disability, and the ADA provides us with the fundamental civil right to use public accommodations, go to stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses just like our non-disabled friends, family members, colleagues and peers.

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The Right to Your Graduation

It’s the New Year, and that means we are just about six months away from graduation. Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate all of our accomplishments, but what if you can’t attend your own graduation because you have a disability?

Cuquis Robledo, our Storytellers Coordinator and recent college graduate, is back with a new video about her graduation experience, and with tips on how students with disabilities can advocate for themselves to participate in their own ceremony.

Share this video with students with disabilities and with your local university so they’re students don’t have to go through the same issue that Cuquis did.

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Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC)

Xavier Long recounts their experience as well as witnessing acts of abuse and violence while in the custody of Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC).  While at DYC, they experienced various forms of restraint, such as the WRAP and pain compliance techniques.  Their mother Dawn Romero recalls how Xavier did not receive the supports she were told they would and the importance of raising awareness about the mistreatment that is going on within DYC.

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A new bill in the Arizona State Legislature is designed to slow down access violation lawsuits.  The Arizona Center for Disability Law and Arizona Disability Coalition-ADC argue that 27 years of the ADA has given businesses more than enough time to comply with civil rights law already.

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All Signs Point to Change

The International Symbol of Access is suppose to indicate barrier-free areas for all disabled people.  However, the symbol itself seems to be the biggest obstacle for many of us.

How can disability be better represented to broaden what accessibility truly means?

Our Storyteller Hope Hoffman digs into why the wheelchair symbol does not include us all.

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EPIC-Wyoming: Don’t Wait On The Medicaid Waiver

Tina Whiteface and Justin Nugpe, Sr. shares how the Medicaid waiver has allowed them to live in the community in Wyoming.

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EPIC-Idaho: How Self-Advocates Can Pass Laws

David Decker and Mel Leviton shares the important role self-advocates in Idaho played in passing the ABLE Act in their state.

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EPIC-Alaska: When They Say No. We Say Fight!

Ric Nelson and Maggie Winston discuss the fight they took to live the life they deserve in Alaska.

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