Barriers still exist for people with disabilities to get a good job, or move up in their career. Everyone deserves equal opportunity to prove themselves.


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The federal government’s AbilityOne program is supposed to create job opportunities for people with disabilities. Instead, it has funded segregated workplace and low wages, and been accused of corruption. Check out the #ReformAbilityOne campaign to learn about the issues and here responses from the disability rights community.

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Bottom Dollars | A Rooted in Rights Original Documentary

Workers with disabilities are NOT always protected by minimum wage laws, and so sometimes they are paid as little as pennies per hour – and this can be perfectly legal! 

Rooted in Rights’ new original documentary, Bottom Dollars, tells the stories of people with disabilities all over the country who are fighting back against exploitation and discrimination. And it tells the stories of those who are working in the community for real wages because they received the proper services and supports. Their stories prove we can do better.

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Questions of Discrimination

As of March 2016, 41 states include questions in their bar exam application asking about the applicant’s mental health history, diagnosis or treatment. If an applicant answers “yes” to these questions, they are required to fill out a form revealing private information and may be forced to turn over confidential treatment records before being allowed to take the bar exam. In this new Rooted in Rights video, the impact of these Questions of Discrimination on applicants and the diversity of the legal profession is explored.

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People with disabilities have a glass ceiling, too

This is Shawn Murinko. And like every husband and father, he has hopes and dreams for not only himself, but also for his wife and two daughters. However, outdated laws keep him from fulfilling the very thing we all want: an equal opportunity to live our lives, directed by own choices without interference from laws or even more importantly, outdated stereotypes.