EPIC-Alaska: When They Say No. We Say Fight!

About The Videos

“When they say no. We say fight!” Part 1 showcases Ric Nelson’s story about the fight he endured to have the right to go to college in Alaska.

“When they say no. We say fight!” Part 2 showcases Maggie Winston’s story about the fight she endured in getting equal custody of her children in Alaska.

More About EPIC

EPIC: Equal Partners Interstate Congress are Disability civil rights organizations in Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming, and Nevada coming together with a shared goal to push for equal rights for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The goal of EPIC is to establish a regional system for technical assistance, communication, and information sharing to strengthen the individual self-advocacy/civil rights organizations and create a functioning equal D.D. Network Partner representing the self-advocacy/civil rights movement in the defined region.

You can find more videos like these that explains the experiences of disabled people at http://epicnationalpartners.com