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Need help producing a video or social media campaign? Rooted in Rights now offers creative services to other disability rights organizations.


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Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC)

Xavier Long recounts their experience as well as witnessing acts of abuse and violence while in the custody of Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC).  While at DYC, they experienced various forms of restraint, such as the WRAP and pain compliance techniques.  Their mother Dawn Romero recalls how Xavier did not receive the supports she were told they would and the importance of raising awareness about the mistreatment that is going on within DYC.

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A new bill in the Arizona State Legislature is designed to slow down access violation lawsuits.  The Arizona Center for Disability Law and Arizona Disability Coalition-ADC argue that 27 years of the ADA has given businesses more than enough time to comply with civil rights law already.

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EPIC-Wyoming: Don’t Wait On The Medicaid Waiver

Tina Whiteface and Justin Nugpe, Sr. shares how the Medicaid waiver has allowed them to live in the community in Wyoming.

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EPIC-Idaho: How Self-Advocates Can Pass Laws

David Decker and Mel Leviton shares the important role self-advocates in Idaho played in passing the ABLE Act in their state.

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EPIC-Alaska: When They Say No. We Say Fight!

Ric Nelson and Maggie Winston discuss the fight they took to live the life they deserve in Alaska.

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Disability Law Center of Massachusetts

Disability Law Center of Massachusetts created a video for their annual fundraiser, asking attendees to consider donating to their organization.

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Disability Rights Maryland

Disability Rights Maryland provides an array of services to state residents with disability that focuses on upholding their legal rights, promoting self-advocacy and peer-support, and change policies that will empower and not hinder the independence and inclusion of disabled people. Some of the assistance provided includes access to housing, mental health care, special education, transportation, freedom from abuse and neglect, and discrimination.

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Disability Rights Oregon – Accessible Voting Tablets

In Oregon, the use of mail-in ballots prove to be inaccessible for disabled residents and impedes their ability to vote without barriers.  Oregon allows the use of accessible tablets as a means to create the freedom residents needed to vote freely and confidently.  Making available various accessible voting methods affords disabled people to feel included in the voting process and have their vote count.

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AUCD – Growing Leaders, Driving Change

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) asked Rooted in Rights to explain their history, their mission and the vast diversity of students, faculty and others who make up their network – all in a three minute video.