Keep Building Jackson

Dr. Scott Crawford’s

Top seven ways to tackle #CrappyCurb cuts:

  • Get involved. Visit, and consider joining your city’s ADA Advisory Committee. Connect with your local Center for Independent Living and your state’s Protection and Advocacy Agency
  • Contact local officials. Contact the ADA Coordinator of your city or to a City Council member. Speak during the public comments of a City/County Board meeting.
  • Document everything. Take photographs of the Crappy Curb, preferably with you in it, showing the impact. Use these photographs in your meetings, on social media, and with your press contacts.
  • Use the press. Write an Op/Ed or reach out to local media outlets that may wish to do a story.  
  • Protest If necessary, rally your allies and consider a peaceful protest.  
  • When all else fails, take legal action. The last option is a lawsuit.
  • Don’t give up. EVER.


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