Veteran emphasizes that he is not a hero; just a normal guy working to raise awareness and help others

Friday, August 8, 2014

Travis Mills’ message is strong: he is not a tragic figure or a hero, just a normal guy living with his family. Since recovering from an explosion in Afghanistan that resulted in him losing both legs and arms, the staff sergeant has focused on raising awareness and support for United States veterans. This includes establishing the Travis Mills Foundation, which is currently working towards “building a veteran’s camp in Maine, to bring veterans out and get them out of their house…and have them not so secluded.” Mills is also the focus of a short documentary titled Travis: A Soldier’s Story. Contributing to the documentary was especially significant to Mills, who stated, “It was important to get the story out there, because I am not a sob story. I’m just a guy who lives life with my wife and my child and go about every day like I should.” Mills met with CBS Chicago to discuss his experiences, which can be viewed below.

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