Teen-founded organization seeks to aid teenagers with mental illness

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For many people with mental illness, finding the support to get professional help can often be challenging. For teenagers, already going through rough emotional and unsure times, this can be especially difficult. One young woman has set out to be that needed support for thousands of kids who, for various reasons, do not yet have the support of their friends and family. Bree Carey is a survivor herself, of depression, panic attacks, and an addiction to self-harm. She started the group A Cutter’s Guardian Angel which, according to their mission statement, is “made to help teens and their families learn to deal with mental illness in positive and effective ways.” Carey emphasizes that ACGA is not meant to be therapy, but a listening ear until an individual is at a place where they can seek professional help. Currently, the group has 4,000 followers from all over the world. One of ACGA’s most popular Youtube videos can be seen below, as well as on the organization’s official Youtube channel.

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