Rio struggles with Olympic budget; puts Paralympics in crisis

Thursday, September 1, 2016

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Despite the recent exciting Olympic season, many are expressing fear for the success of the upcoming Paralympics, which are scheduled to begin September 7th. The Paralympic Games are currently facing a slew of issues, including low ticket sales, a lack of contingency funds, and unpaid travel grants. Ticket sales are an essential aspect of financing, for both the Olympics and the Paralympics. However, according to the BBC, only 12% of tickets for the Paralympics have been sold, despite the quickly approaching start-date.

Brazil’s Organizing Committee, which is responsible for both the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, is significantly short on funds, reported The Independent. The Committee is currently in the process of trying to receive a grant from the Brazilian government for $79 million. Yet, a ruling from the Brazilian federal court has prevented Brazil from delivering the grant until the organizing company for the Games becomes more transparent. According to the BBC, the contingency funds for the Rio Paralympics “have instead been spent on addressing various problems at the Rio Olympics, including repairs, security and issues with the diving pool.”

The Organizing Committee is also two weeks behind on delivering grants that teams use to pay for their travel fees. Without the grants, 50 nations may not have enough money to cover travel costs for their athletes, which could significantly impact the success of the Paralympics.

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    Ticket sales were past 1 million 5 days ago 🙂

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