Public Charge and Disability

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We know the immigrant community is facing new regulations and restrictions. What we don’t talk about is how immigrants with disabilities, and immigrant families with members with disabilities, are being impacted. Rooted in Rights and the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities collaborated to create an explainer on how the proposed “public charge” rule will affect the disability community. We have a Spanish (Facebook, Youtube) and an English version (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), as well as transcripts in Chinese – traditional, Chinese – simplified, and Hmong.

We also partnered with Open Doors for Multicultural Families to tell Febe’s story about how the public charge rule change could hurt her family. (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter)

We need your support to flood the Department of Homeland Security with your comments in opposition to the public charge notice of proposed rule making. You can join us in this advocacy effort at

Let’s amplify the voices of our community because immigration advocacy must include immigrants with disabilities.

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The stark ableism in Public Charge cannot be ignored. We are asking you to make your voices heard by leaving a comment now. To learn more, visit Photo 📷: Headshot image of Katherine Perez. To the left of her is a teal colored background with the following quote in a mustard-yellow square text box with black font: “The language of public charge has been very steeped with ableism.” Below the text box is a white translucent rectangle shaped box with the following text in black font: Katherine Perez, National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities. At the bottom of the image is the RiR logo and website link. ———————– #PublicCharge #PublicChargeOnDisability

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