NYC hosting its first Disability Pride Parade

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

man in wheelchair arms raised against a setting sun


Following in the traditions of the LGBTQ community, New York City will host its first Disability Pride Parade this summer. In the past, public demonstrations by people who feel marginalized or oppressed, including the community of people with disabilities, have shifted societal views as well as public policy.

The organizers of the parade hope to be similarly influential in raising awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities. According to the parade’s website, “The day will be a celebration of people with disabilities and all they have accomplished both prior to the passage of the ADA 25 years ago and all the civil rights activity that lead up to it.”

Organizers of the parade aim to start an annual tradition, to change social perspectives towards people with disabilities, and to increase pride in people with disabilities. The parade is scheduled to begin at noon on July 12, 2015, and will travel from Madison Square Park to Union Square Park, culminating in celebrations and a festival.

More information about the NYC Disability Pride Parade is available on the parade’s website.

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