Movie project about autism: “Stay Then Go”

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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One of the coolest new ways to fund arts and tech projects,, has recently posted an interesting project to create a movie about a mother and son’s experience living with Autism.  This project Stay Then Go is going to give a human face to the challenges of moving from a child to a young adult in a society that does not understands autism.

STAY THEN GO will bring some light to these issues by way of a story- of a mother and her son. And not with statistics, expert talking heads, or case studies. Through, the power of art, and story-telling, we’d like to connect, to entertain, to puncture consciousness, and to move humanity along, just a little.

Documentaries with real people have the potential to reach a much broader impact than a mere recitation of statistics.   This the first film project I, Brian Rowe, have contributed to on kickstarter, I am very excited to see how this project turns out.  If this is of interest to you I recommend heading over to the Stay Then Go Page and pledging to help fun the film.

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  1. Thanks for supporting this film and passing the word on! All the best! Peg

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