Let’s talk about sex (+ disabilities)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The embedded links and the video below contain mature language and discussion of mature ideas. 

Vlogger Laci Green teamed up with her friend Olivia in a recent video entitled “Sex with Disabilities?” to discuss dating, language, stereotypes, sex, and the myth that people with disabilities are sexless. Laci runs the popular YouTube channel “Sex+: a frank video series about sexuality with Laci Green”, and was joined by Olivia, a student and activist for the rights of people with disabilities. Olivia has merosin-deficiency and epilepsy.

Through their video, Laci and Olivia prove that sex for people with disabilities is a natural activity, and open the floor for additional discussion.

If you would like to learn more, Olivia and Laci also released a related video “Sex with Disabilities? – Q&A”. In addition, Laci has compiled a list of similarly-themed *articles under the “About” section of her video. *These articles have not been officially approved by DisAbility Rights Galaxy.

This video may begin with a commercial which was not chosen by or for the benefit of DisAbility Rights Galaxy.

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