Get to know comedian Michael Beers in Rooted in Rights Podcast Episode 8!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A group of yellow school buses, with the words, New! Episode 108: Comedian, Michael Beers is makign the "short" bus cool

Michael Beers has been a stand-up comedian for over a decade. His latest project is called Making the “Short” Bus Cool, in which he and other comedians with disabilities will tour the country in their short bus doing stand-up comedy. Beers often addresses disability rights issues through his comedy, using humor to change how society views the community of people with disabilities and to inspire young people with disabilities. In this episode, we discuss Beers’ project and the role he sees comedy playing in the disability rights movement.

Check out Rooted in Rights Podcast Episode 8: Comedian Michael Beers is making the “short” bus cool.