Filmmaker focuses his camera on son and daughter; hopes to combat stigma surrounding developmental disabilities

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Filmmaker Scott Anderson is releasing a documentary that he hopes will contribute towards ending the stigma around developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome. The film is focused on a “day in the life” of his two children, Max and Libby. Both four years old, Libby was adopted from China, and Max has Down syndrome. These perceived differences don’t seem to have any effect on the children, however – the two are close friends, as demonstrated in Anderson’s film. Entitled I Love Grilled Cheese, the film was “created for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and has been selected to screen at the Sprout Film Festival in New York,” a festival celebrating films featuring people with disabilities, rather than actors without disabilities playing people with disabilities. You can learn more about Anderson’s documentary by checking out News Atlanta CTV’s coverage of the project.

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