Father writes children’s book to explain his experience with disability

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

illustrated image from book, man in wheelchair with kid riding on the back rolling down 'mainstreet' of a town

After Leslie A. Johnson explained his disability to his children, he was inspired to increase disability awareness on a larger scale. Johnson created the children’s book, “Dad on Wheels,” which illustrates his personal experience as a father with a disability. The book’s summary states that when Johnson was asked by his children, ‘Daddy why can’t you stand?’ “he answered with honesty and transparency. This colorfully illustrated book aims to help parents and children discuss the reality of disabilities to help build understanding and empathy.” Johnson adds, “Children are curious about a person in a wheelchair. Plus, the wheelchair looks cool to them. Not only do the children have questions, but parents, adults and teenagers have questions, and can be afraid or shy to ask about a disability,” according to The Telegraph.

Photo Credit: Page from “Dad on Wheels”, available on Amazon. Illustrations by Sudipta Steve Dasgupta.