Why Fake Service and Emotional Support Animals Create Barriers for People Who Actually Need Them

Monday, February 5, 2018Earlier this week, United Airlines denied boarding to a woman with a peacock that she claimed was an emotional support animal. The sensational story went viral and in response United announced increased requirements for bringing a service animal or emotional…

“They Lost My Legs”: Disabled People Speak Out About Airline Troubles

Monday, December 4, 2017
Air travel while disabled is the worst. Despite the fact that disabled travelers have civil rights protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), issues with lost or broken wheelchairs and other mobility …

Accessing the Open Road

Tuesday, August 22, 2017I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was almost twenty-one, and until I did, I couldn’t go more than a couple months without someone asking me about it. “When are you going to learn how to drive?” “Have you

New Lawsuit Tackles the Notorious Inaccessibility of the NYC Subway System

Tuesday, May 16, 2017New York City’s (NYC’s) public transportation system is notoriously inaccessible. Only about one in every five subway stations is wheelchair accessible, compared to about 90% of the subway system in Boston, where I currently live. Two class action lawsuits

Dear United, What If David Dao Had Been Disabled?

Thursday, April 20, 2017Dear United, Earlier this month, David Dao was dragged off a flight from Chicago to Louisville. He suffered a concussion, a broken nose, sinus damage, and several lost teeth. While I’m empathetic toward Dao and his family, this is not

Impassable Sidewalks Turn Curb Cuts Into “Decorative Accents”

Thursday, November 17, 2016It’s easy for the able-bodied to take getting around for granted. Most people can drive, walk, or take public transportation with relative ease. Not so for many with disabilities. In light of Rooted in Rights’ #CrappyCurb campaign, I’d like to…

Calling All Towns: Shovel Your Crappy Snow-Covered Curbs

Tuesday, November 15, 2016I am lucky to have lived in Colorado my entire life, enjoying the 300 days of sunshine, outdoor adventures, laid-back vibe, and genuinely kind community members. But Colorado winters can be brutal, especially for people with mobility disabilities. When homeowners…

Canadian airport provides first bathroom for service animals

Tuesday, August 16, 2016Everyone knows traveling comes with challenges. Finding a hotel on a budget, adjusting to a different climate or time zone, booking sight-seeing reservations weeks or months in advance – these are struggles that accompany almost every out-of-town trip, whether you…

Court: New York’s taxi cab service violates the ADA

Sunday, December 25, 2011In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a federal court ruled December 23 that New York City must vastly expand taxicab access for people with mobility disabilities. “The (Taxi and Limousine Commission) subjects disabled persons who must use wheelchairs and scooters to…

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