A teaching moment for disability bullying

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The CBS Evening News ran a powerful story Monday evening about the bullying of a 13-year-old boy with juvenile arthritis.

After being diagnosed, the boy was mocked repeatedly for his limp. Others students called him names, such as “chicken legs,” and stole his belongings. At age 11, the boy contemplated suicide.

Through extensive intervention, the boy is now thriving and involved in his school and local community.

At the end of the video, CBS News Anchor Katie Couric invited viewers to share their bullying stories, describing the boy’s story “as a teaching moment” in the fight to end the bullying that occurs in schools nationwide every day, especially against students with disabilities. The CBS news site provides a variety of links to anti bullying resources and similar stories.

Watch the video* below.

Bullied Boy Saved from Hurricane Raging Inside

CBS video

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We could not locate a captioned version of this video on the CBS News website, though a of the article is available. Disability Rights Washington strongly encourages all news outlets to provide captioning in their videos.