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Accessing Employment in Japan with Mizuki Hsu

Mizuki Hsu enjoyed the freedoms of accessibility while she attended college in the United States. Upon returning to Japan, she encountered barriers when applying for work including a quota system that actually excludes people with disabilities, required disability disclosure and inaccessible buildings.

Watch the video now and check out Mizuki’s Moon Rider 7 Project – A Place to Know More About Ability.

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A Mother’s Day message from Emily and Ellen Ladau

Emily and Ellen Ladau share their mother-daughter story in this new Rooted in Rights “Storytellers” video. Both Emily and Ellen have physical disabilities and use wheelchairs. Ellen shares her worries about becoming a parent, and the bias and cruelty she has experienced. They both acknowledge the “bumps” along the way. However, as Emily states, “no one with a disability should ever be made to feel guilty . . . for having children.”

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Questions of Discrimination

As of March 2016, 41 states include questions in their bar exam application asking about the applicant’s mental health history, diagnosis or treatment. If an applicant answers “yes” to these questions, they are required to fill out a form revealing private information and may be forced to turn over confidential treatment records before being allowed to take the bar exam. In this new Rooted in Rights video, the impact of these Questions of Discrimination on applicants and the diversity of the legal profession is explored.

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A Little job advice from Bill & Jen with Cuquis Robledo

When Dr. Jennifer Arnold was a young hospital volunteer, she told visitors that she was planning to go to medical school. They responded, “Oh, why would you go to medical school? Don’t you juggle or play the piano or do some type of entertainment?”

Little People are too often “pigeonholed” into certain occupations solely based off of their size and stature. Cuquis Robledo sat down with Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold of TLC’s The Little Couple to discuss barriers and discrimination Little People face when seeking jobs.

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Ricardo | AVID Jail Project

When Ricardo Rodriguez attempted to harm himself while incarcerated, the jail responded by punishing him, instead of addressing his mental health needs. When the Amplifying Voices of Inmates with Disabilities (AVID) Jail Project brought this issue to the jail, they responded in a surprising way.
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Spanish-Speaking Voters with Disabilities

¿Hablas español y tienes alguna deshabilidades? ¡Votar! 

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Tallon | AVID Jail Project

While in jail, Tallon Satiacum was denied medication he needed, then punished time after time for behavior related to symptoms of his mental illness.

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Formerly Incarcerated Vote

When you get out, get your vote back.

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Assisting Voters with Disabilities

People with assistants have equal voting rights.

Do you have an assistant? Are you planning to vote? Learn more about your rights, and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to voting with an assistant.

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Deaf Vote

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

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