Why Did Marc Moreno Die?

A Preventable Death

Attorneys at Rooted in Rights’ parent organization, Disability Rights Washington, began investigating the death of Marc Moreno early in 2016. At the time, Marc’s death had made local headlines in his community in central Washington State. Most of the attention focused on the Benton County Jail, where Marc died. But Marc had been arrested while experiencing a mental health crisis, which raised many more questions.

Why didn’t he receive proper treatment at the jail? Why was he arrested when he needed treatment?  Why hadn’t community mental health services given him better support?

Why did Marc Moreno die?  

This video lays out some of the facts of his story and asks you to think about what contributed to his death. How we can improve the system of community mental health services to make sure other young people with mental illness aren’t denied the care they need?


Follow Updates from Marc’s case at this link:

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