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Bill seeks to end SSDI waiting period for people with ALS

United States Congress
United States Congress considers expediting SSDI for people with ALS
A new bill seeks to expedite Social Security Disability Insurance payments for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Currently, people deemed eligible for SSDI…
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Video explains Autism and welcomes members into the Autistic community

logo of ASAN, the Autistic Self Advocacy NetworkNote: The policy of Rooted in Rights is to use person-first language; However, identity-first language will be used in this article, as a reflection of the wishes of ASAN. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has created a video welcoming Autistic…
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Lowe’s to pay $8.6 million to settle “maximum leave” policy lawsuit

EEOC SealA federal court signed off on a comprehensive settlement May 13, requiring the nation’s second-largest home appliance store to pay $8.6 million and eliminate its strict policy limiting how long employees can take off for medical purposes. “This settlement sends…
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Litigation news

NY court rules with disability activists in assisted suicide case

bottle of medications on a prescription note
NY ruling on assisted suicide case
Echoing the arguments of an amicus brief filed by 11 disability rights groups, a New York state court has rejected a challenge to the state’s ban on physician-assisted suicide, finding that any…
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College students are redefining ‘disability’ on their own terms

young woman with glasses in front of flowering bush, holding white board with the words: "Disabled and empowered"
Anna Noel Pickett is the President of the Coalition for Students with Disabilities (CSD). |Addison Lucia
Students with disabilities at Seattle University are coming together to embrace their community and share what having a disability means to them. The Seattle…
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